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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ben &amp; Jerry&#39;s Greek Frozen Yogurt <b>Product Launch</b> : The Feisty Foodie

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 07

I was invited to attend a launch party celebrating Ben & Jerry’s latest breakthrough in tasty frozen treats – Greek Frozen Yogurt! I was pretty excited because I’m a huge fan of Ben & Jerry’s (late night snack, chunky monkey, half baked, cherry Garcia, more… I’ve been eating this stuff since I was a kid, and getting fat from it since 2001 when I began eating entire cartons in one sitting, ahem). I’m also a fan of Greek yogurt – everyone has their favorite brands so I’ll just smile mysteriously and let you think what you want on that topic – so I was curious how the combination worked out. I’ve eaten a lot of the Korean frozen yogurts that bear that signature sour taste that I enjoy (Pinkberry, Red Mango, and more), but hadn’t heard of Greek yogurt style frozen yogurt… how would this stack up?

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 01

The Ben & Jerry’s flavor experts (seriously, how do I get a job doing that?!) explained to us that the idea came very suddenly and yet was there all along, as many of the employees already enjoy eating Greek yogurt themselves on a regular basis. They settled on 4 flavors to sell prepackaged – all of which are around the 200 calories per half-cup serving, and contain more protein per serving than regular ice cream. Nice.

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 02

The first flavor Sarah and I tried together was Strawberry Shortcake. (Funny moment: we were sharing, and the guy serving was all “We have plenty to go around! Take one each!” but in reality, I didn’t want to waste – which I certainly would if I took a serving of each flavor, since we tried them all… and I wanted to cut back on calories! I guess he thought we were being shy?) Really creamy, dense, and actually, it tasted like cheesecake to me – which isn’t a bad thing. It just had that richness to it that I didn’t expect when the container said “yogurt” on it.

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 03

Next up, raspberry fudge, which was also creamy, and slightly tart from the raspberries, along with a bit of chocolatey taste from the bits in there.

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 04

Third, we tried banana peanut butter.

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 05

Last was blueberry vanilla graham.

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 06

Can you guess by the contents of our cups which ones were our favorites?

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 08

Shockingly, our favorite was the Strawberry Shortcake. I say shocking because it had the fewest calories and I thought for sure anything I picked would be laden with calories. Pretty close second was peanut butter banana (which was the room’s overall favorite), and far away – for me, anyway – were raspberry fudge and blueberry vanilla graham. Not because they were bad, but because I don’t like raspberries (I used to be allergic, so the taste just throws me now), and blueberries aren’t my favorite thing aside from in muffins and pancakes or fresh/whole. I guess I’m weird. Regardless, I was really impressed with the new line – there was barely a noticeable difference from ice cream!

Ben&Jerry's Greek Yogurt 09

We were then treated to parfaits and smoothies made with the frozen yogurts as well. This is a peanut butter banana parfait which was super tasty… and might actually help me achieve my goal of protein-loading my diet more easily without resorting to meat-heavy meals! Mmmmmmm…

Expect to see these in your local supermarket soon, starting this month, and definitely try the strawberry shortcake one to let me know how you like it – yummm!

Please note that I attended this event courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s, and received no compensation to post about this, positively or negatively. Thank you again to Ben & Jerry’s for their hospitality and the pints of Greek frozen yogurt I was sent on my way with! Yum!!!

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