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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do You have Online Reputation Problems ? search engine marketing website marketing bulkping video

Do You have Online Reputation Problems ? search engine marketing website marketing bulkping video Contact us:

Every single day, someone, somewhere is discussing something important to your business; your brand, your executives, your competitors, your industry. Are they hyping-up your company, building buzz for your products? Or, are they criticizing your service, complaining to others about your new product launch?

A great brand can take months, if not years, and millions of dollars to build. It should be the thing you hold most precious.

It can be destroyed in hours by a blogger upset with your company.

A new product launch could take hundreds of TV commercials, dozens of newspaper ads, and an expensive ad agency.

It can also spread like a virus with the praise of just one customer, at one message board.

A company can dominate market share, throttle competition and hold the #1 brand in the world.
It can also crash in months if it fails to listen to what its customers want.

By now, you should have an understanding of just how powerful consumer generated media (CGM) is. Your next action could be the difference between your company's success or failure. Do you click the "back" button and ignore the conversation, or; do you read the tips and strategies outlined below, arm yourself with valuable knowledge and join the foray?

You may decide you need online reputation management services. Or you may simply follow the advice we've put together below. Either way, you should engage!As much time and effort that marketers put into improving visibility within search results, not all search engine ranking pages (SERPs) are good. Increasing numbers of companies are experiencing the sharp edge of the sword from disgruntled employees or customers taking advantage of the amazingly simplistic process of publishing content to the web.

You may recall such situations as "Dell Hell" or Googlebombing "miserable failure" for examples.

Because these references occur within the search results, many companies percieve search engine reputation management as a SEO problem. But displacing negative search results only treats the symptoms of

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