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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keyword Winner � Traffic, Sales, Top Affiliates and High Clickbank <b>...</b>

Posted October 28th, 2010 by & filed under Affiliate Marketing, Internet, Sales, Traffic.

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Of course everyone is anxious to see how the sales are going with Keyword Winner, although I cannot reveal the exact amount of sales as of now I will say the amount is quite amazing and I am very pleased. What I can share with you is the traffic and stats including top affiliates and gravity from Clickbank.

During the pre-launch, I created enough buzz to gather in as many affiliates as possible and to get their sites and email lists ready to start promoting. As soon as launch started the traffic went absolutely right through the the roof, I have never seen anything like it!

I am not hear to boast but I am here to say that anything is possible and with a perfect product and perfect promotion the sky is your limit.

I have never launched a more successful campaign in my entire career as I have with Keyword Winner and has gone viral like you wouldn’t believe, it has completely spread like wild fire and I only have to click to a few websites and see that almost every second blog I visit have the Keyword Winner banner with their affiliate link displayed, I am absolutely buzzing over this.

As you can see Keyword Winner is getting a jaw dropping 4,793 unique hits per day and with a 4.11%  bounce rate which has blown the traffic off the face of the earth and is way ahead of

keyword winner stats3 Keyword Winner Traffic, Sales, Top Affiliates and High Clickbank Gravity

John Chow has just gone nuts and has been promoting Keyword Winner like it was his own, he absolutely loves it, you can tell by the videos and the posts he has done. All other affiliates like Alex Whalley, Thomas Sinfield and other affiliate marketers who I am friends with have shown sheer passion and have been promoting Keyword Winner like there is no tomorrow.

As you can see by this image I have gathered 180 affiliates so far and have had 9,143 hop link clicks from affiliates such as ttznet (John Chow), who is currently the top affiliate. With already 3 review posts on his blog, 1 video on Youtube and an email send out to his 100k subscribers it is no wonder he is in the lead! Zac Johnson also has done really well and will be continuing to do more in the near future.

keyword winner clickbank Keyword Winner Traffic, Sales, Top Affiliates and High Clickbank Gravity

Having a high gravity product on Clickbank is the ultimate dream, if you climb up that ladder and end up being in the top 10 or 20 products on CB then being a millionaire really isn’t that hard. Although I still have a bit more to go, I have jumped very quickly in a short time frame.

As you can see I am currently page 10 so already in the top 100 Clickbank products and my gravity is rising very quickly.

keyword winner gravity1 Keyword Winner Traffic, Sales, Top Affiliates and High Clickbank Gravity

So if you are an affiliate or want to make money I suggest you get a piece of this action while it’s real hot and start cashing in as you can see all other super affiliates are! Just simply sign up to the Keyword Winner Affiliate program here.

If you want to save $30 you better buy this SEO plugin real quick while it is still only $47 as the price will be going up real soon to $77! Click here to buy now!

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