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Monday, March 19, 2012

No she didn&#39;t! {New <b>product Launch</b>} - Mano Y Metal

 necklaces can be viewed in detail hereTruth is, I have been making these sassy necklaces since I first started making jewelry and established Mano y Metal ....but I have made these necklaces one of the many items you can only find at craft shows... because, well, you know, I wanted to gauge people's reaction to them... and for the most part it has all been positive, def. ignites laughter and I think: "Oh Good, they aren't offended." but then the other part of me... you know, the sassy part that is a (proud) jerk says: "Whatever, it is meant to be slightly offensive, in fact embedded in the offensive tone is the very humor I aim for..." and well, my close friends know that I have a tendency to throw dashes of swear words into my conversation the way a chef adds salt to their dishes... I have curbed that habit since I have become a mother... but when I stub my toe, accidentally hammer my finger or am amongst close friends and out of ear-shot of little ones.. (oh hell, even sometimes in the cubicle) you can catch me letting a swear word escape me..  Anyway, the point of these necklaces is to be fun and carry some light humor. Of course, I know I have tons of friends & know people who hear swear words as nails scratching on a chalkboard...and, I get it, ---so just never click on this listing ok? :)Anyway, today after launching all this love stuff necklaces i was feeling too mushy and decided it was a good time to launch these "f*ck this & that"series of pendant necklaces as a follow up as I have been avoiding posting them on my etsy shop for a while now... I was avoiding posting them because they are F bombs... and you know I line up a series of options all decorated with the word "f*ck" and although they are meant to carry humor I knew there would be some folks who would shudder and not find these humorous at all. But who am I kidding? you can't make everyone happy and you sure as hell can't make everyone laugh at what you find funny-- and I guess that is the risk you gotta take in being an individual, with an opinion of humor that makes your mother shudder-- someone is going to look at you and say: "No she didn't!" and that is the exact point...that disapproval and shudder is at the center of many of my actions (seriously, -in-my-life and yes many of these "actions" can also be classified as "mistakes" and yes, me aiming for disapproval & shudders can also be classified as "defiant" but I prefer to be called a "strong-will" individual instead ;p) because I like to find the humor in appalling people with my actions & controversial point of view(s) many of which I dignify as funny. Go figure. Point is, I'm a grown-a** woman that swears from time to time. thank goodness for me and my un-perfect ways...> "perfection" is unattainable -whew! :)  Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

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