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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Products Revealed: blogbeatz: 4 Steps to Making Money with <b>...</b>

Bum marketing is very similar to article marketing. It is actually a variation of article marketing. Bum Marketing is really an Internet marketing method for anyone who wants to sell their own product or affiliate product on the Internet; or wants to get targeted visitors for a website, whether it is a squeeze page designed to get opt-in subscribers, a content based AdSense site, or a website containing a lot of affiliate ads.

Here’s a few sentences to describe how bum marketing works: You research and write keywords rich articles related to your niche, product, affiliate program or website; submit them to large traffic article directories and sites, let the search engines index them and send visitors to your article pages, then generate affiliate sales, get lead and opt-in subscribers or earn money from selling your own products.

Below is a step-by-step plan to applying bum marketing for promoting your Clickbank affiliate product and generate Clickbank affiliate commission.

Step 1 - Find Several Products to Market and Promote
You will have to look for several quality products to promote. One of the good places to find products to promote is Clickbank. To find out which products are good in quality and successful in Clickbank. You need to conduct some research. You may look at the gravity ratio of the products provided by Clickbank, high gravity of a product would simply mean it has attracted a lot of affiliates to promote it and indicate that it may be a good product. You should also ask the seller or merchant about the conversion rate of the product. A product with conversion rate of 4% is reasonably good. It means that for every 100 potential customers to the website, 4 of them will make a purchase.

When it comes to sale commission sharing ratio, you should pick products that offer at least 50-60% commission. This is to make sure you earn enough for your time, marketing efforts and costs.

Choosing affiliate programs that offer residual income is a great idea for earning steady income for long term using bum marketing method. There are still not many bum marketers taking advantage of promoting residual income affiliate programs that pay every month.

Here is how these programs work. You promote a product one time. A customer purchases the product. Every time they come back to purchase another, you earn more money. Promote a product once and are paid for as long as that customer stays as a customer. For example. If you promote a paid membership website and make a sale, you will earn that same amount of sale commission every month for as long as that customer stays as a paid member of the site.

Residual income affiliate programs have pretty good earning potential in the future. If you want a list of some good affiliate programs that offer residual income opportunities, check out this site:

Step 2 - Find at least 20 keywords for each product
If you can find more keywords, even better, but begin with 20 first to find out if the product will be worth it. You don’t want to spend a hard time writing 50 articles to promote a product but later then discover that the product is hard to convert into sales.

You may start off by writing 30 articles to promote a specific product. If you make no or very little sales, then you should look for another product. The great thing about bum marketing is it's a useful and free method to test whether the products sell well. If a product converts well into sales, then there is nothing stopping you from advertising with PPC programs like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Step 3 - Write your keywords optimized articles
Now is the time to write your articles. You have found several quality products; you know they will convert if you market them right, so there is nothing stopping you from making a nice income except your willingness to write many articles. If you are good in writing, writing 30 articles for each product isn’t a problem to you. But if you are not able to write that amount articles in short period of time, you may follow what many other bum marketers did which is outsource your article writing work to others. Here’s a forum that you can find freelance writers: - Content Creation

Many people offering article writing services in the forum for as little as $5 to $8 per article. To keep your cost down, I would suggest you pay not more than $6 per article. Here is a tip when hiring writers: Never pay upfront. Pay only when the articles are ready. Write the articles fast. Give them an action plan to use, top it off with an interesting author bio/resource box and you will probably generate sales.

Step 4 - Build your landing pages and submit your articles
Travis explains everything about landing pages in his free bum marketing method course, but what I've found to work even better then a simple pre-sell page or an opt-in page is to add content around the landing page. That way, visitors land on a page where they have relevant content to read before you go into a hard sell.

For example, you would want to send your article readers to a page of your site. This page would be a mini pre-sell page like Travis teaches doing in his bum marketing course. But instead of just having one page your visitors can click on and either sign up to your free opt-in list or click straight over to your affiliate sale site, on the left or right side of the page, you may include links to other relevant articles that your readers may be interested to read.

With this way, you are likely to make the most money from your bum marketing campaigns, but getting visitors to opt-in to a list is equally crucial, because you can always promote your product to them later by a sending email promotion.

This makes your website look like a resource or information site. Possible this will please your visitors. Visitors are more likely to click through the links you have when you have a website loaded with relevant content and information, not just a blaring sales page. Remember, with time everything gets old.

This is pre-selling at its best. Many people would not give their name and email address immediately just to obtain more information, so give your content and resources to them free frequently, and they will eventually want to give you their email address. There is already too much junk mail out there, so more and more people want something tangible immediately. They do not want you to bombard them with crap, so just don’t do it. Do as I say and make money the right way. Once you have created your landing page, submit your articles to, and other large traffic article directories.

When you have written more than one hundred articles and submitted them for publication on the large article directories, wait for several weeks to see result. If you find that certain products are doing really good, then put more focuses on these products by writing more keywords optimized articles for these products and publish them on article directories to generate steady sales and commission.

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