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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Qonnectis plc - New Product launch

Qonnectis plc

Launches new automated meter reading product

Qonnectis plc ("Qonnectis"), the energy and water conservation services provider, will be launching its new iStaq-AMR (NYSE: AMR - news) product ("iStaq-AMR") at the National Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Exhibition which starts today at Aston Villa's conference centre in Birmingham. The iStaq-AMR is targeted at the growing market segment for automated meter reading.

The iStaq-AMR provides automatic meter reading for billing purposes (which, over time, is expected to supersede manual meter reading which is increasingly becoming uneconomic). It is a derivative of Qonnectis's successful iStaq-LG (KSE: 003550.KS - news) , which is designed as a utility network monitoring and water/energy management product using half-hourly meter communications. The iStaq-AMR reads the meter weekly or monthly, and has been developed in response to feedback from utilities and their business and high-usage domestic customers. Qonnectis additionally will be able to offer its meter reading customers the benefits of its easy-to-use "myMeter" online meter data services. This allows real time reading and highlights any unusual usage patterns.

Michael Tapia, Chief Executive of Qonnectis, commented:

"The iStaq-AMR extends our product range into a fast-growing market segment and provides water companies, in particular, with a cost-effective way to improve their meter reading, billing procedures, to enhance their customer service and to also encourage their customers to conserve water in times of potential shortage."

For further information, please contact:

Michael Tapia, Chief Executive

Editors' notes - About Qonnectis

Qonnectis' patented technologies enable the analysis of remote meter data to facilitate water leakage control, customer profiling, and energy and water management efficiency. Its (Euronext: ALITS.NX - news) products are already being used by a wide range of UK and overseas utilities including Scottish Water, Cambridge Water, Aquavitae, Generale des Eaux and Lyonnaise des Eaux as well as large commercial and domestic users of energy or water.

The iStaq family of products work by sending meter readings to Qonnectis' secure data centre via SMS text messaging over the GSM network. The data is then aggregated and published online via utility-branded "myMeter" websites operated by Qonnectis. The data can also be sent directly to utilities' billing systems. Customers can access real-time information via a web browser using the "myMeter" service. For more information, please visit

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