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Monday, March 19, 2012

Steal This Checklist for Your Next <b>Product Launch</b> � Art Biz Blog

While going through the product-launch checklist for my new Pricing Your Art audio program, I thought it might be helpful to share the list with those of you who create products that you sell online: e-books, note cards, classes, and so forth.

Here are the basic steps I take to get a new product or service on Art Biz Coach. They’re more circular than linear, but they all must be completed.

1. Create the product. Upload to server.

2. Create a product item in QuickBooks.

3. Create the product item in the shopping cart. Upload image of item to cart.

Product Image in Shopping Cart I always upload an image to my shopping cart and make sure there is no date on the image so that it will last past the recording date.

4. Write copy for the sales page. Create graphic image for product. Upload sales page to server. Test purchase links.

5. Write and upload a Thank You/Download Web page for customers to receive further instruction or download their purchase. Test links.

6. Create an autoresponder series in my shopping cart.

7. Link the correct autoresponder (#6) to the product (#3).

8. Make sure the Thank You page link is identified in the product details.

9. Post product on other website pages, blog sidebar, Facebook, and anywhere else it needs to be promoted.

10. Tell my crackerjack assistants about the new product and share the links with them.

11. Tell Art Biz Coach affiliates about the new product.

Note that this list is just about getting the product online and making sure people can purchase it. It doesn’t include the emails that will be sent or the promotions that will take place.

Even with a list like this, something might go wrong. It’s inevitable. That’s why I never launch a product when I’m going to be away from the computer and unavailable to fix things.

I hope you can adapt this list to your own needs. Tell me about it in a comment.

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