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Thursday, May 31, 2012

*all New* Product Launch Strategies With Mrr

*all New* Product Launch Strategies With Mrr
Product Launch Strategies Every week, hundreds if not thousands of online business owners launch new products, yet, only a small minority of them make any profit, never mind survive the year. Special report reveals the Simple Techniques ANYONE can follow to elevate your chance of a successful product launch... Ill Show You The Amazingly Simple Step By Step Methods Used To Successfully Launch Your Online Products To An Eager Audience That Is Ready To Buy... When You Place Your Order Right Now, Youll Automatically Get Upgraded To Master Resell Rights So You Can Also Sell The Resell Rights To This Hot Product You know, back when I first started out in online marketing in 2002, there was always one thing that amazed me about this business. This is it: Id wake up in the morning, and on checking my mail Id see an ad for a product that would claim that theyre only selling 500 copies before pulling it off the shelf forever. Id think nothing more of it, go about my daily business, then wake up the next morning and check my mail again. What I found never failed to shock me. This $500 product they were only selling 500 of before pulling off the shelf forever had already sold 250 copies! Now in my naivety I did wonder if they were serious about this or it was just a marketing ploy. Several years down the line however, on meeting these marketers and actually seeing this in action. I now know this is a fact. My next plan of action was to find out how they were doing this. Was it simply through a bunch of joint ventures? Maybe it was because they were already established and they have a huge list to promote to I thought. I was even more astonished at what I found to be true. It wasnt their big lists that were selling them 250 copies of their premium products in 24-48 hours. It wasnt even their joint ventures, it was their plan. You see, they had a very specific start to finish launch day plan that started two weeks before their product was even ready to go, and ended two weeks afterwards. So after almost 4 years of asking questions, I finally figured out what was going on: Heres what I found out. * A full 4 week start to finish, step by step launch guide for your products. From the planning stages, all the way through to launch day and beyond, ensuring that your product launches have the potential to reach circulations in the hundreds of thousands within weeks. Imagine what those numbers would do for your sales. * 1 reason why a majority of marketers are failing to successfully launch their products by breaking the natural flow and chain of events surrounding a successful product launch. Are you breaking that chain? Well show you how to avoid this pitfall that can ruin your chances several weeks before you even launch. * 6 aspects of a successful pre-launch. A short but simple checklist to ensure you have all the tools you need set up and ready to pull in huge amounts of leads and make large numbers of sales in the most efficient way possible, and pave the way for the future at the same time. Miss one of these and the chain is broken. 5 are useless with the 6th. Are your tools letting your sales down? * Looking beyond immediate profits is ultimately the key to product launch success. What would you prefer, $10,000 today, or $100,000 in a week? I know which Id choose, and it makes me wonder why the majority of marketers select option one by concentrating on immediate profit instead of the future of their business. Ill show you exactly what theyre doing wrong to devastate their profits and how you can ensure it wont happen to you. (Its tips like these that force me to limit the number of products I sell so that they dont become saturated. For the special few only!) * How to almost never run out of prospects to promote to for free ever again. All it takes is a single product launch done correctly, and you could wake up and launch a new product every day for the rest of the year and still have people to promote to and people to promote for you without having to reach into your wallet to pay for anything. Memorize this and youll be set for years to come. * Are you going to attract affiliates, and are they going to promote for you? If the answer isnt a surefire yes, then Im going to show you exactly how to make it so through methods that some marketers would call me crazy for. The fact is however, Ive proved that they work once and for all. This could easily increase your chances of pulling affiliates by ten times or more. * Are you pulling in $60 per sale when you should be pulling in nothing? It might amaze you to find out this key to success. I doubled my income the moment I stopped promoting to make money. I believe anyone can do this with their business if they know how. Ill show you how. Best of all, it can take less than an hour to complete! * Are the sales of your digital or info product netting you less than $100 profit per product that you designed s

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