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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Case Study: How Microsoft Leveraged Bloggers for a Successful <b>...</b>

Casey Hibbard, author of Stories That Sell, published a very useful and informative case study about Microsoft Office 365's success with social media on the Social Media Examiner site yesterday.  You can read that case study here.  (Microsoft is a customer of ours.  The Office365 team uses our analytics and advertising platform to increase sharing and measure its impact)

Meteor Solutions and Microsoft Case Study

The post does a terrific job of laying out the Office 365 team’s strategy, plan, and execution.  What becomes clear as you read through the piece is how effective they were at understanding their target audience (women business owners) and surfacing and curating a ton of really useful content that would appeal to that audience. We see this simple (notice I didn’t say “easy”) strategy work to activate sharing and word of mouth time and time again.  A steady drumbeat of relevant, useful, and engaging content created and/or curated by authentic members of one’s target audience is the most time-tested strategy for grabbing and holding people’s attention long enough to get a message across.

View the original article here

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