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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Did Google Get It Right With This <b>Product Launch</b> Video? – The <b>...</b>

Look out DropBox.  Here comes Google Drive.

In late April, Google launched Google Drive, a cloud file storage and sharing service that competes with the likes of DropBox.

As with most of their products, the launch was with little fanfare. No widespread use of television, radio or print.  No Google Drive billboards.

The news spread through Twitter and other social media channels and Drive appeared alongside the dozens of other services available from Google.

They also created videos, which were available through YouTube and on the Google Drive landing page.

We asked the Crazy Egg Marketing and Design Experts how effective the Google Drive landing page video is.

Here is the 60 second video and below are the responses from our experts, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.

Brian Massey, Conversion ScientistGoogle defines their target audiences well: business people, creatives, consumer photographers and travelers.

They do not hit on any emotional points.

The ad is non-emotional and conceptual, a tough combination to make work. It’s not logical enough for methodical types, and not emotional enough for everyone else. A less conceptual ad would have shown the product being used, not moving boxes. By contrast Apple ads are emotional and specific, often highlighting one feature.

This should be four commercials pinpointing each audience.

~Brian Massey, Conversion Sciences


Naomi NilesThe benefits are clearly stated and the animation makes it easy to understand conceptually. I think this is a good introduction for people who are still not familiar with how working in the cloud works.

The only comment that I’ll make that I think they could have done better is to make the URL at the end bigger and letting it stay a few seconds longer. Perhaps they solved this by placing the URL underneath the video on YouTube or elsewhere, but if I was copying it by hand, it would have been frustrating.
~ Naomi Niles, ShiftFWD


Demian Farnworth, The CopybotI’d say they did a pretty good job. The only thing I would add is something on how they are different than DropBox. Like “We are free no matter how high your storage capacity gets.” That will differentiate them from DP immediately.

~ Demian Farnworth
, The Copybot


Sofia Wood, Shortie DesignsWhat Google is doing particularly well is playing on our desire to have the digital bi-products of our day to day lives accessible at all times, no matter where we are or what device we’re on.

The notion of cloud syncing and collaborating is not new, however Google packaged this up so well in this trailer through the use of white space, digital iconography and colour.  I must say, I certainly feel compelled to go check it out!

~Sofia Woods, Shortie Designs


Angela Jones, Design By Ange.laThis is a great introduction video because it explains the offering simply, but most importantly appeals to all audiences quickly and efficiently. Anyone, from a soccer mom to a web developer to my grandpa could relate to the benefits of Google drive as they’re explained by this quick, to the point video. Great execution!
~ Angela Jones, Design By


Robin Cannon, Shiny Toy RobotsThis is very simple and very easy to understand. It demonstrates that Google Drive is accessible for everyone, is very user-friendly, and safe. The video keeps things very minimal, with no additional distractions, and is very strong in maintaining the overall Google brand image.

The only issue I’d have is that it doesn’t really differentiate the product from similar offerings. Yes, it’s very clear what Google Drive does, but why is it better than the alternatives?
~ Robin Cannon,
Shiny Toy Robots


David Hartstein, Wired ImpactOne of the strongest elements of this introductory video is Google’s use of examples that resonate with the viewer.  They mention situations we’ve all been in.  Whether it’s having a file that’s too large to email or preparing a presentation at work, I can immediately identify with the scenario since I’ve been there.  And while the video doesn’t tell me exactly how Google Drive will solve these problems, it makes it seem as though this service provides some solutions that could be beneficial to me.

Such a user-centered approach works on many fronts, from videos and images to website copy and social media content.  Google shows with this video that their service is aimed at solving the problems their user’s are facing.  If you can quickly show users you understand their problems, there’s a much better chance they’ll actually listen to your suggested solutions.

~ David Hartstein, Wired Impact


Absolutely 10/10 for Google Drive. The voice over, the color, the copy, it’s all perfect.

I like how it’s written as if I already have this product. They’re not selling me something, they’re telling me that they’ve added it to the services I already have, that they’ve anticipated my needs and solved my problem without me even having to ask.

There’s no need for a “Try it now!” or “Hurry and buy now!” because they’ve given me a sense of longevity and stability which is exactly what I’ll be looking for in a product that claims it can hold all of my digital stuff.

I love the colors, the simplicity, the message, the friendliness. I think this is an amazing video and considering that after watching it I went straight to the Google Drive site to activate mine, it works like a charm.

~ Erynn Brook, Urban Avalon


The first thing Google does well is illustrate the types of situations where people can use Google Drive. The pictures of a computer or tablet in different suggestive scenes helps to communicate the message of where and when this service will come in handy.

Google also does a good job of showing how easy the service is to use. People love the simplicity communicated from “drag & drop” so Google does well to use that phrase to describe Google Drive’s ease of use. Overall this is a visually appealing video that effectively communicates the benefits of Google Drive. It’s simple, effective, and well done.
~ Joseph Putnam,
5 North Marketing


Sherice Jacob, iElectrifyThe video commentary is really well done. It explains exactly what Google Drive is and how it works.  Unless you use Google a lot, you might not make the connection that the last frame is showing their logo (it probably should morph into that so visitors make the logo-service connection).

I’d also close the video showing the user how to start by saying “Go to ….. to sign up free” and having that large call-to-action button there, or having the video automatically go there at the end rather than showing other videos.
~ Sherice Jacob, iElectrify

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