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Friday, May 25, 2012

Orland Park, Illinois Inventor's Product Wins National Award - (press release)

Orland Park, IL, May 23, 2012 --( Twist and Seal—a new product invented by an Orland Park, Ill.-based entrepreneur Bryan Nooner that protects connected electrical cords from the elements— took a top award as the most innovative new product at the 2012 National Hardware Show (NHS) held in early May in Las Vegas.

Competing against 50 products for the New Product Launch Spotlight Award’s Most Innovative New Product category, Twist and Seal was selected as the Silver award winner by a panel of eight judges, comprised of buyers, publishers and retail chain executives.

Making a big splash at the NHS also caught the attention of numerous major national retailers, which plan to soon carry Twist and Seal. Based upon conversations with National and International buyers Nooner has begun the process of taking orders for hundreds of thousands of units of his product since the NHS concluded, and Twist and Seal continues to enjoy strong sales online at

Twist and Seal consists of two commercial-grade durable yet lightweight plastic covers that wrap around the area where two cords join. The two covers snap together and, with a quarter twist of the wrist, lock into place—effectively creating a weather-resistant seal that safeguards the male and female cord ends inside from moisture and debris. Helping to insulate the cords nestled inside is a lining of closed cell foam that seals up any gaps once the outer seal is twisted in place.

The covers are easy to twist on and off for storage and re-use, UV resistant and available in four colors: orange for construction use, blue for pools, green to match foliage and white to blend in with gutters, fascias, and siding. Additionally, Twist and Seal is designed to accommodate a variety of electrical cord sizes from small diameter to large.

Nooner helped build buzz for his invention prior to the NHS by launching a clever direct mail campaign in which he sent one half of the product (one of the two plastic covers that snap together) to 1,000 retailers, wholesalers and manufacturer reps who planned to attend the show. He encouraged them to meet with him at the NHS to receive the other half and learn more about Twist and Seal.

“We had close to 400 people visit our booth at the NHS, and 683 show attendees added us to their NHS online planner. The response and turnout for our product far exceeded our expectations,” said Nooner. “Winning the Silver award “proves that Twist and Seal has real credibility among retailers. It’s created great momentum for our product.”

With enough increasing demand, Nooner hopes to expand his operations, introduce offshoot products and hire extra sales and production personnel in the near future. Currently, a Twist and Seal infomercial is in the works.

Nooner attributes Twist and Seal’s popularity to its practical functionality and simple but effective design.

“Anyone who’s ever tried to string up holiday lights outside can testify to how irritating it is when a wet or dirty electrical connection between power cords causes a short and trips the GFCI outlet. Worse, if it’s not plugged into a GFCI outlet, a wet cord connection can cause shock and injury,” he said. “Most homeowners try to avoid this by sealing their cord connections with electrical tape, but this typically proves to be an imperfect approach to a recurring problem.”

Using Twist and Seal is a better solution because it’s weather-resistant, easy to put on and take off, lightweight to prevent cords from sagging, and built tough to provide years of lasting, durable protection.

“This is a common-sense solution to an old problem,” said Nooner, who added that he’s “proud of the fact that I’ve created something with a useful purpose that can make things easier and safer for consumers. This is a quality product that’s made in the USA.”

Twist and Seal is currently available in a variety of quantities—from a single-pack ($8.95 plus shipping and handling) to a six-pack ($49.86 + s/h). Expedited shipping is available, and larger quantity orders are eligible for discounted pricing. To order Twist and Seal, or for more information, visit or phone (888) 945-4545.

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