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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Southern Photonics Announces Breakthrough Pricing for Modulation Analysis Solution - OptoIQ

May 1, 2012

Southern Photonics has announced the introduction of a new product to its Coherent Solutions range. The 'IQScope-30G' is an economical option for optical modulation analysis (OMA). With 30GHz of bandwidth, the IQScope-30G is a complementary product to the higher speed IQScope already on the market and is perfectly suited to measure 100Gbit/s signals.

As part of the product launch, Southern Photonics has opted to introduce the IQScope-30G from May through to September with a limited timespan introductory price. The new and affordable IQScope, priced at under $ 50,000, takes advantage of the high bandwidth and low noise of equivalent-time oscilloscopes, enabling accurate transmitter characterisation with up to 2000 sample points per baud. The New Zealand based company has released this new addition to its product range in order to make OMA solutions widely available to all researchers and will increase its market presence in the Coherent Modulation test and measurement field.

Only a handful of large telecommunications companies and Research Laboratories have been able to afford the $ 250,000 to $ 800,000 price tag that accompanied the OMA solutions from other competitors.

As the IQScope is a separate unit which works with widely used equivalent-time oscilloscopes, the IQScope can be upgraded economically in the future. This ensures that the customer can always work at the cutting edge of research and development (R&D), a capability not provided by competitive products.

Southern Photonics felt it was important to create a new offering, to suit the R&D market. Iannick Monfils, Principal Engineer at Southern Photonics, said: "We recognised that, as a company, we are in an ideal position when we can provide a cost effective solution whilst maintaining the flexibility and bandwidth necessary for 100Gbit/s systems. We listen to our customers when they asked for an affordable OMA solution, whilst not compromising on the same quality and reliability that Southern Photonics has become well known for."

Southern Photonics has recently launched two new products; the IQTransmitter and the AWG-34G, both part of the Coherent Solutions range.


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About Southern Photonics

Established in 2001, Southern Photonics is the leading photonics technology company in New Zealand. Specialising in R&D equipment in the fields of coherent modulation communication technologies and short laser pulse characterisation, Southern Photonics offers a complete range of Coherent Solutions from signal generation to performance characterisation.

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