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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tesla Model S all set to Make Debut on June 22; Ahead of Schedule - Nitrobahn

Tesla Model S all set to Make Debut on June 22; Ahead of Schedule

Tesla is all set to bring the first 2012 Tesla Model S electric sedan to customers nationwide on June 22nd, with the whole ceremony being webcasted live over the internet. With one month left before launch, the engineering team is working in top gear at its huge factory in Fremont, California, to ensure a smooth product launch, as the new launch date is much ahead of what was initially predicted. Tesla’s press team is working head on heels to conduct a series of events celebrating the launch of its new car, while also promoting some features which are considered to be the pride presentation of the vehicle.

Unlike the 2008-2011 MY Tesla Roadster, Tesla this time offers customers a way of adjusting the amount of regenerative braking their Model S gives on accelerator lift-off. This means, those new to electric cars can customize their Model S’ accelerator lift-off regenerative braking to mimic the engine braking found on their earlier car, or perhaps opt for none at all for maximum coasting potential. As it is customizable from the car’s built-in-touch-screen center console, drivers can also customize regenerative braking to suit the type of trip they opt for.

Like many premium and luxury cars, in the Tesla Model S, customers have the ability to change the steering response. Switchable between Comfort, Standard and Sport settings, it promises the greatest control on whatever road it rides. Apart from listing adjustable air suspension, a featured quality on the upper end 2012 Tesla Model S Signature models, Tesla is now keen to specify that fully adjustable suspension is standard on all but the base-level 2012 Tesla Model S. This means customers can choose between a road-hugging low suspension setup for freeway cruising, or a higher, more practical suspension setting for round-town trips and errands.

Tesla focuses on the point that the launch is a couple of weeks ahead its schedule. It also plans to initially only sell 2012 Model S Signature and Signature Performance models. When completed an EPA- approved range of 265-miles, these model will complete 85-kilowatt- hour battery pack, longest- distance production electric car on market till date.

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