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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Record: Handan city intelligent equipment independent innovation <b>...</b>

Moderator: leaders, ladies and gentlemen, comrades, friends, today we are here to be held ceremoniously in Handan ten intelligent equipment independent innovation product release ceremony, the city of independent research and development of the ten first first set of intelligent equipment on display. This is the implementation of the national science and technology innovation deployment, cultivate innovative industry cluster, leading equipment manufacturing to high-end, intelligent development important achievement, be sure to promote industrial core competition ability to accelerate structural adjustment pace, to have a significant and far-reaching impact.Hou Huamei presided over the ceremonyAttend today’s ceremony leader, province government vice-governor Comrade Long Zhuangwei,Ministry of science and technologyTorch center director Comrade Zhao Mingpeng, deputy hall of province science and technology office grows Comrade Jia Hongxing, hall of province science and technology floorwalker Comrade Lian Xiaoyong Comrade Guo Dajian, Secretary of the CPC Handan Municipal Committee, Handan Economic Development Zone Work Committee of the CMC director Comrade Lian Zeying (sound), the Handan Municipal Science and technology bureau director Comrade Li Guanjun. Attend today released a ceremony of center of torch of Ministry of science and technology: industrial cluster director Comrade Zhang Fenghai, center of torch of Ministry of science and technology supervision and evaluation office director Comrade Cheng Guolai, center of torch of Ministry of science and technology high-tech Herald agency president Comrade Wei Gu, center of torch of Ministry of science and technology industrial cluster is in Comrade Zhao Jing, hall of province science and technology high-tech Yang Lu of department section chief comrade (voice) innovation fund for small and medium enterprises in the province, director of general office Comrade Li Zhiguo, province of innovation fund for small and medium enterprises office vice director Comrade Gao Guangrui, Hall of province science and technology office Comrade Wang Zhiliang of Handan city and relevant units and part of the equipment manufacturing industry key enterprise responsible for the comrades.We are honored to invite, ChinaAerospace Electronics(600879,Shares) technology research institute and the University of Science and Technology Beijing professor of experts, invited to the CCTV, science and technology daily,,Shares), as well as,, Hebei TV, Hebei daily, Hebei daily news media such as friends, let us warm applause of all leaders, guests and news media friends to express our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks.Today the launch of a total of five items on the agenda, the following order, first for the first item, please Secretary of Handan municipal Party committee Comrade Guo Dajian speech.Guo Dajian speechGuo Dajian: Long Zhuangwei’s vice-governor of respect, director Zhao Mingpeng, director Jia Hongxing, leaders, ladies and gentlemen, today we are here to hold a grand “ten Handan intelligent equipment independent innovation product launch ceremony” which is the Handan science and technology development history a great event, I on behalf of the Handan Municipal City hall and the city’s 9800000 people, to attend the activities of the leaders today, distinguished guests a warm welcome.To the national Ministry of science and technology of government of province of provincial Party committee and provincial departments concerned for a long time, Handan’s concern and support expressed heartfelt thanks, science and technology is the first productivity, is the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of the decisive factors, Handan around construction innovation city, support science and technology talent situation, strong strategy, pass policy guiding, capital gives aid to, build platform, sharing of results, a typical demonstration and other methods, and constantly improve the technological strength and core competitiveness, the eleven since five, we have all kinds of achievement of Science and technology 712, 92 of which reached the international leading level, was awarded the national science and technology progress award 8, award of progress of province science and technology 48 Han supplies, new energy, low temperature storage and transportation equipment and other significant results, moving toward the market, dimensions is changed, industrialization orbit.The city has been rated as “national gathering innovation performance of Chinese city” comprehensive innovation ability 50 strong city, and the national torch plan new material industry base, National Science and technology base, this year the Ministry of science and technology and the city for the innovative industrial clusters pilot training institutions, scientific and technological innovation has become the important economic and social development strength of.Current Handan is in science development and transformation of the critical period of development, facing the construction of center of economy of region of the heavy task, we need to create the national innovation industry pilot pilot for motivation, accelerate science and technology innovation pace, promote economic development by the resource consumption to the innovation of enterprise transformation, by planning the expansion to focus on brand quality change, from Handan manufacturing to Handan to create change, strive in the new round of development process in a machine, to gain the initiative.One, to enhance the ability of innovation of science and technology, and further strengthen the main body position of the enterprise, and give full play to the city’s 48 national high-tech enterprises demonstration function, through the implementation of school-enterprise cooperation, science and technology special space on the action and many other initiatives, guide enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, promote technological progress, product innovation, and strive toDuring the 12th Five-Year PlanAt the end of above of whole town dimensions, the enterprises to establish R & D center of more than 60%, the city of patent application and authorization with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation.The two, want to accelerate innovation of science and technology achievement transformation, around the equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, food processing, food processing, environmental protection and other key areas, hold to governmental guiding, market operation, starting the implementation of a number of major scientific and technological achievements conversion price, promote traditional industry transform upgrade, new industrial development and growth, and constantly improve science and technology on the contribution rate of economic development, the city’s high-tech industry increases a value to an average annual growth rate of 17% above, to 2015 the proportion of GDP is above 6%, achievement of science and Technology Exhibition on supply rate reached 90%, for the city’s development into a strong power.Three, to optimize the environment for scientific and technological innovation, make full use of country and province to promote independent innovation policies, from Handan set out actually in finance, taxation, finance, government procurement, the introduction of talent, formulate specific policies, the formation of independent innovation policy system, accelerate the construction of independent innovation talent recruitment, to create open, encourage innovation, the same venture, vibrant atmosphere, promote science and technology innovation development.Finally, I wish all the leaders, guests good health, success in work, good luck in everything, thank you.Compere: below second, hall of province science and technology director Jia Hongxing address please.Jia Hongxing speechJia Hongxing: Long Zhuangwei’s vice-governor of respect, director Zhao Mingpeng, Guo Dajian’s secretary, comrades, today morning in Handan city held a grand “ten intelligent equipment independent innovation product development ceremony” public display of Handan intelligent product innovation, first I represent the hall of Hebei province science and technology to the participating leaders, business friends from all walks of life to express sincere respect, to Handan’s big ten sponsor an unit to express enthusiastic congratulation, also to center of torch of Ministry of national science and technology a long time, for Hebei, including Handan city’s strong support, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks.In recent years, Handan Municipal City Hall attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, promote the innovation of industrial cluster construction work, issued on speeding up scientific and technological innovation, promote economic transformation and upgrading of the opinion, put forward clearly to four to enhance the development of optimization objectives, and major project deployment. Drove whole town to rely on innovation of science and technology, promoting economic transformation and upgrading.Construction of intelligent sensing equipment innovation of industrial clusters in the pilot, the State Ministry of science and technology, especially in the Zhao Mingpeng director of care, guidance, local area is implemented, this work is helpful for Hebei, including the city of Handan to undertake international and domestic advanced areas of high-end equipment manufacturing industry transfer, following my province of Handan equipment manufacturing industry cluster since last year, the Handan municipal city hall also pay special attention to. Office of science and technology to include national torch center, to give us a report today Zhao Mingpeng, director Zhao Mingpeng also participated in the event, to our Handan city innovative collection group the job seriously.Handan intelligent sensing equipment innovation type acquisition group included in the national demonstration training institutions, to accelerating Handan industry upgrade, especially our Handan Jinan equipment new group development, will play an important role. Hall of province science and technology will continue to increase the work to Handan city science and technology, especially the construction of industrial cluster as the key, in the arrangement of project construction, scientific research personnel, policy of science and technology work in terms of a key recommendations, I believe that in the provincial government of Hebei provincial Party committee leadership, in the national torch center support energetically below, by our Handan the Municipal City Hall long-term leadership, Handan innovation acquisition group construction work will constantly improve driven forward, lead and drive the new high-end equipment manufacturing industry fast development and good, thank you.Compere: below third, let’s warmly welcome center of torch of Ministry of national science and technology speech of chairman Zhao Mingpeng.Zhao Mingpeng speechZhao Mingpeng: Dear dragon governor, Dajian comrades, good morning everyone, I represent the Ministry of science and technology of today focus temporarily released ten intelligent equipment products, express enthusiastic congratulation, to long-term engaged in scientific and technological innovation management technology leadership, science and technology, scientific research personnel to express my sincere greetings, long-term science and technology work for maintenance new friends to express my heartfelt thanks, today particularly glad to come to this conference, I am touched is our province government vice-governor of the dragon, and Jia director come to attend such a meeting. Secretary of municipal Party committee published serious talk, enough to see Handan city hall, Handan municipal Party committee of government of province of provincial Party committee of Handan City, on the concern.Handan intelligent perception of equipment acquisition group of pilot unit, today Handan ten intelligent equipment product concentration releases, marked clusters construction has made a good start, municipal city hall independent innovation product launches, illustrates the creative acquisition group by the provincial and municipal attaches great importance to and vigorously support, this year the State Council further supports the micro enterprise development views among them, put forward clearly to the State Council for the innovative work of the attention, vigorously carry out innovative collection construction important means, is to promote the transfer structure, transfer mode, the implementation of the central to speed up the economic development of an important means, as well as work priority among priorities, we compared with the local road, take this job grip is good, very stress a result.Comrades, is undergoing profound changes, China is in the important period of development, science and technology work is in a new round of global science and technology revolution and the adjustment of industrial structure of an important opportunity, I believe that as long as the Handan city closely around science and technology development this one theme, and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode of science and technology concepts, to optimize the industrial structure for the direction, in order to achieve innovative development as the fundamental task, not to move or retreat to the innovation and development of roads, Handan tomorrow will be even better, I wish all the distinguished guests good health and smooth work, good luck in everything, thank youCompere: below fourth, I announced that Handan city ten intelligent equipment independent innovation product concentration under county, please vice governor Long Zhuangwei, director Zhao Mingpeng, director Jia Hongxing, even small Yong Technology Hall floorwalker, Guo Dajian municipal Party committee secretary, director Lian Zeying (voice), Li Guan army Secretary for product concentration under county issued a ribbon.Ribbon cutting ceremonyThe following are fifth, ask leaders, distinguished guests visit the product display, there are leaders please.Visit the intelligent equipment independent innovation product displayVisit the intelligent equipment independent innovation product display

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