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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bacardi Martini's Bacardi MMXII Vintage

Author: | 16 July 2012

Bacardi Martini's Bacardi MMXII Vintage

Category - Spirits, rum, blended, 43% abv

Available - This month

Location - on-trade, The Savoy (American Bar), off-trade at

Price - SRP GBP1,200 (US$1,872) per 50cl decanter

Distribution – Bacardi Martini

Bacardi Martini has released a rum to celebrate Bacardi's 150th anniversary.

Bacardi MMXII Vintage was blended by eight of the Bacardi family’s most senior master blenders. Only 400 decanters will be available for sale.

The rum was unveiled in the UK at the Savoy Hotel in London on Friday (13 July). A spokesperson told just-drinks about 50 bottles will be available in the UK, with customers in all of Bacardi's markets given the chance to purchase one.

Bacardi MMXII Vintage is a blend of Barcardi rums rested in oak barrels for 20 years and finished in 60-year-old Cognac barrels from the Bacardi family’s cellars. It comes in a hand-blown crystal decanter.

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