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Monday, July 23, 2012

Publish on Kindle eBook Reader | Virtual Office Center | Social <b>...</b>

Digital publishing is a growing marketing strategy. It increases visibility, the author’s credibility and prices range from free on up. Reports, fiction and non-fiction eBooks are available on Kindle at all price ranges. Don’t be discouraged by the idea of posting your eBook for a low price. Here is an article on Amanda Hocking, to illustrate why $.99 is a popular price point. This article shares several ideas on how to write, publish and market eBooks or reports on Kindle successfully. Although Kindle is the reader I talk about in this post, these strategies can be applied to publishing on the Nook as well.

Review previous articles and blog posts selecting the best material. Primarily, utilize ever green information to ensure the content is relevant and will be useful when read. Digital publications increased the opportunity to find your audience by distributing your work on e readers. Amanda Hocking is an author of fiction novels and was rejected by publishers until she made millions selling eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle for $ .99. You can also publish your free reports and fee-based digital products on Kindle. Think of your digital product as a positioning tool that strengthens your credibility. For assistance creating content look into private label rights (plr) products. PLR material can be purchased then customize for your audience. Last suggestion regarding content, is to hire a proofreader to review and edit the final draft to produce quality products.

Kindle Direct Publishing accepts most formats including:

Word (DOC or DOCX) HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML) Mobipocket (MOBI or PRC)ePub (EPUB)Plain Text (TXT)Rich Text Format (RTF)Adobe PDF (PDF)

Kindle also provides specific instructions to format products. If the eBook has complex chapters, or you don’t have time to implement the formatting guidelines contact me for your layout design.

Once your eBook is formatted and ready to publish on Kindle select the most accurate categories and subcategories. This is going to assist you in the marketing process.

All eBooks whether they are in hard copy or digital need the same marketing plan to maximize sales. It is valuable to receive endorsements from leaders in your industry and reviews from readers or subscribers that read and use your materials. Select a compatible useful free gift for those that purchase your eBook on the launch date. Create a launch strategy to marketing and build interest around your eBook. Email your subscribers, write blog posts and articles promoting your eBooks’ launch. Post on your social network profiles and in niche groups. The day of your launch keep up with sales according to your subcategories and categories. Reaching the top 100 list in a subcategory is an excellent achievement and moves you closer to an overall listing of the top 10 category ranking on Amazon. Selling 20 to 30 eBooks is considered a successful campaign.

While you are developing or reviewing your current online marketing plan, consider publishing a digital product as part of your strategy.

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Written by: edford on July 19, 2012.
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