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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watermelon Kids – Healtheries The Wiggles' Food <b>Product Launch</b>

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to the media launch of a new healthy kid’s line of food developed by Heatheries and The Wiggles.  As you can imagine any brightly packaged kid’s food product with The Wiggles on the front is bound to be popular with young child, and mine are no exception. To their credit, these new foods are good and fill a gap in the market for 1-5 year olds. Young Mum’s have probably noticed that there is a lot of food in the supermarkets catering to babies up to 12 months and then nothing beyond.

This new range of food products was developed with consideration to food allergies, wholegrains, low sugar and salt, gluten-free, natural colours and flavours, and healthy portion-sizes. The range includes:

Four meals that are packed with loads of sneaky veggies amongst other things. We know how much of a battleground mealtimes can be when it comes to kids eating their veggies. If The Wiggles can smooth the way feeding your kids one of these meals every now and again can only be a good thing.Two gluten free, high fibre, low sugar cereals.  I’m big on low sugar cereal for young kids. Kids have sensitive palettes and simply don’t need the extra sweetness that we might prefer or think they need. The more sugar they eat, the more they crave. It’s a vicious cycle which can be disastrous at such a young age.A savoury snack of bite-size cheesy rice cakes that is low in saturated fat and contains no nasty additives. Apparently Anthony wiggle (the blue wiggle) eats these on tour all the time…so he says.Australian sultanas packed in a much healthier portion sized 25g box for toddlers and pre-schoolers.Colour free jelly made with real fruit, added calcium and no added sugar.

All products are clearly labelled and categorised with a thumbs-up guide to indicate whether the product is an everyday food or occasional food.  When you have the added distraction of shopping with kids and so many competing brands, it’s great to see clearly labelled, colour coded products on the front of the pack. It makes the decision making process so much easier.

As for the taste of these products, it’s up to the individual child to decide. Please keep in mind that these products are to complement a fresh food diet and make sure you add some variety to their diet just to keep it interesting.

As leading educators of our young kids, I think The Wiggles, and Healtheries are onto a good thing. Look out for this new range at Woolies.

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