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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Commission Killer review best blogging platform auto blogging <b>...</b>

Do you want to make a massive amount of affiliate sales today, tomorrow, next month, and in the coming years? Commission Killer is one of the top products in the world today, as it’s created by two of some of the best marketers out there, Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. Both of which have created products in the Internet marketing world, and have made thousands of dollars just by selling their own products. best blogging platform

After getting a copy of Commission Killer a week ago I’ve had ample time to go through all the training and really put this system to the test and now I am ready to give you my honest comprehensive Commission Killer Review about this unique Internet Marketing product. best blogging platform

Commission Killer is multifunctional software suite. It’s a mixture of software, affiliate techniques, and the building of niche websites for you. THIS brand new online home based business system plugs your home computer into the multi-billion dollar world of online RETAIL and allows you to set up highly profitable income streams. It takes a proven money making idea and allows you to skip 95% of the work and technical skills and tap into this money making website system effortlessly. best blogging platform

Through this software you can easily build Google friendly website or blog, select theme and colors, choose niche, fix your affiliate or AdSense ID, find & filter high gravity Clickbank products, pull articles from different articles directories, spin articles through internal spinner, post articles & videos on your website and make different cash ads setups. best blogging platform

best blogging platform best blogging platform

After installation of your WordPress blog you can use Bridge Software and pick out of 21 colors your desirable color for your blog, change Your Site Title, insert necessary content, insert your affiliate and/or AdSense ID, and customize it according to your liking . With this template you can create as many niche blogs, as you like. best blogging platform

If you have no time to install websites yourself or find it’s too difficult for yourself, while downloading your purchase you will be offered to buy some “turn-key” ready-made and well seo-optimized websites to start making profits immediately. best blogging platform

The main piece of Commission Killer software, which they called the Bridge, should be installed on your PC.

- Start Cash Creator Tab;- Appearance Tab;- Clickbank Product Sniper Tab;- Cash Ads Setup Tab;- Turbo Content/Videos Tab;- Turbo PLR Tab;- Load Project Tab.

Using the ‘Start Cash Creator’ Tab you fill in the login details for your domain. You have to type in only the basic information for accessing your domain, as it shown in the screenshot above.

With the ‘Appearance’ Tab you can choose the general layout of your blog like the color or some other visual settings.

The ‘Clickbank Product Sniper’ Tab will automatically grab products from Clickbank concerning your keywords, while the ‘Cash Ads Setup’ Tab will put up ads on your blog embedded with your affiliate links.

Every new website or blog needs content to be indexed in the search engines, so the ‘Turbo ‘Content/Videos’ Tab will fetch content to your blog from article or video directories. For having unique content you can choose to spin the articles before posting them to your blog.

Additionally, ‘Turbo PLR’ Tab will get articles to your blog from PLR Article directories.

‘Load Project’ Tab allows you to select any of your blogs you want to work with.

In the Commission Killer software you can set the auto posting frequency. This is very important because the content of your blog should now grow too fast. Concerning my experience it is enough to have one or two pieces of new content on your blog every day. It is more natural than you load a bunch of articles immediately. Search engines don’t believe and don’t reward it, especially when a new blog will have so much new content at once. best blogging platform

Commission Killer Member Area is constantly located on ? webserver and you get access to it after purchasing the Commission Killer suite.

Inside Commission Killer Member Area you will find some very useful tools:

Exact Match Domain Tool which will help you to choose appropriate domain name for your website or blog,Product Finder Tool to find and choose Clickbank high gravity products,Content & Video Auto Posting Tool with Spinner,Step-by-Step Videos and Tutorials, explaining how to use the software and applied tools.Bonus Killer Strategies, andCustomer Support.Virtual Assistant Cash Creators (one-time payment $146). In this upsell you will get ready-made and SEO-optimized Cash Creator website (8 websites for 2 months) and the personal super profitable Copy & Paste campaign every week complete with related niche PLR articles and SEO intelligence. I will highly recommend you to buy this upsell if you wish to have fast track and maximize your potential income.Turbo Traffic Toolkit (one-time payment $77). This upsell, as the name says, offers you a Traffic Generation Software and training materials which you can easily use to increase targeted traffic for your affiliate campaigns. Since it is an affordable upsell, I will recommend you to take it. You’ll get the complete Commission Killer Traffic Nitro Solution for a fraction of its worth. best blogging platform

Those who will benefit from this the most are those who really want to get their businesses started in the industry of affiliate marketing. Tons of people are using this as a way to make real amounts of cash, and you’ll discover that the site building and affiliate tips really work for building real commission pulling sales. The truth is that affiliate marketing doesn’t need to be difficult to go through, and Commission Killer makes sure that you get yourself banking in big amounts of cash as soon as possible. Beginners will also enjoy using Commission Killer because of the fact that not too much work is going to be needed. At times, some newbies give up because they don’t see results despite their hard work. Luckily, with Commission Killer, you beginners won’t need to put in so much work, and you’ll get to make sales pretty quickly. Thus, giving you the motivation you need to keep on growing your business. best blogging platform

After taking a look at this product I am happy to say that it is really good. I’ve had my copy to the software and the member’s area training for about a week now and during that time I’ve set up a ton of new income streams. So, If you are looking to make money online and you want to make the process as easy as possible then I highly recommend picking up a copy of Commission Killer, with a 60 day money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose and this product gets my 100% seal of approval:

I am 100% sure that this is not a scam. I say this because I make $4000 a month creating sites like Commission Killer creates. I make this much by creating these kinds of sites by hand. Now with the Commission Killer Software, I will be able to make at least 5 times that amount without the hassle of creating anymore sites manually! best blogging platform

If you are tired of the same old fake money making scams then you really need to get Commission Killer. It takes a proven money making idea and allows you to skip 95% of the work and technical skills and tap into this money making website system effortlessly. I only wish I had this software 2 years ago when I first started creating this kind of sites. best blogging platform

If you want to start a serious online business or leverage the existing one, to build Google friendly highly optimized, high converting & profitable sites or blogs and to earn massive money as a Clickbank or Amazon affiliate, I think that Commission Killer is only the right way to solve many of your problems. best blogging platform

The software will not only generate free traffic to your site but will also monetize the traffic for the customers with an affiliate offer. No doubt Commission Killer will be the best around for a long time to come. Therefore if you would like to earn money online right now then go ahead and place the order. best blogging platform

You have nothing to lose because this comes with 100% money back guarantee and get huge Commission Killer Bonuses. best blogging platform

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