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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Two Fastest Avenues To Making Money On Your Website <b>...</b>

The internet is constantly evolving and as a webmaster you must do the same. Five years ago it would have been acceptable for you to just maintain a reliable website with quality content. Today, however, if you aren’t making money from your website you are behind the times. If you’ve managed to create and maintain a website that now has consistent traffic of more than five hundred unique visitors a day, it is worth your while to pursue monetize that hard earned traffic. I am going to cover two methods that any webmaster can implement immediately without any special knowledge or skill: Google AdSense and/or Affiliate Marketing.
First, Google AdSense is something you have probably experienced even if you don’t know it by name. It takes the form of those little “Ads by Google” you find scattered around many of your favorite websites. These ads automatically cohere with the content that surrounds them in an attempt to draw the click of an interest onlooker. Each time someone clicks one of these advertisements to go to the outside website, the advertiser gets charged. Simultaneously, Google itself and the webmaster who hosted this ad gets paid. If you do a nice job at it you can implement these advertisements without disrupting your content and you can begin making money on your website practically overnight. Obviously, the amount of money you earn will be directly related to the amount of visitors you have to your website. If you run a very large site, this can mean big profits. To start, simply create a Google AdSense account, follow the simple instructions, and insert the necessary code into your existing html. This process can be a lot of fun and you can begin making money using your website.
Further, one can pursue affiliate marketing as an avenue for making money using their website. Affiliate marketing is simply you acting as an affiliate or representative of an existing company and essentially advertising their product. Whenever a visitor navigates to the outside website and makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a commission. I recommend opening an account at where you can find thousands of digital products to represent. Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable method of making money on a website and it requires very little skill or maintenance. The company you are representing is really doing most of the work by supplying the product, support, etc. and you are paid a very nice percentage (40-70% on average) to refer customers. Choose a product that is popular on ClickBank (high gravity), create your affiliate link, and use it seamlessly throughout your website content where it would naturally fit. Obviously, the product should be directly related to the topic your visitor is reading about on your website. Making money on your website can be made very simple using this tactic.
In conclusion, I hope you have found this brief article as a helpful stepping stone towards making money on your website. Both of these methods can be implemented right away and they do not require you to obtain any new special knowledge or skill. These avenues can reap small or large profits alike, mostly depending on the amount of traffic your site generators. One point I would like to emphasize is to remember to implement the ads and the affiliate links into your website without disrupting the natural flow of your content. Think of them more as additional content than advertisements. I hope you find money making success on your website!

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