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Friday, August 17, 2012

What Should Be Evaluated When Buying Cloud Services? - Data Center Knowledge

By: Bill Kleyman
August 8th, 2012

Today’s modern IT environment is no longer asking “What is cloud computing?” Rather, they are actively looking to enter the cloud space with an intelligent and flexible platform. Cloud computing has come a long way and is now a solid means of data delivery over the Wide Area Network. One of the most important aspects of working with cloud computing is understanding the numerous variables which come with the technology. Knowing the difference between public, hybrid, and private cloud designs is important when business goals need to be aligned with an IT project.

An intelligent cloud orchestrator will have a solid understanding of the cloud delivery model. Whether an organization is looking for SaaS, PaaS or even IaaS – cloud computing can be a powerful add-on to any organization. When working with a cloud infrastructure, there are many benefits and use cases to be aware of. In this white paper, Internap outlines where an organization can utilize cloud computing and make intelligent decisions revolving around their environments. Aside from just expanding an existing data center, cloud computing has several key benefits including:

Test/DevelopmentWebsite HostingUser Burst SupportDisaster Recovery and BackupData Storage and Archiving

Aside from just selecting the right cloud model, Internap further outlines some key challenges and considerations revolving around becoming an intelligent cloud buyer. Asking the right questions and understanding business goals is crucial in working with this type of new technology. Download the Internap Cloud Hosting Buyer’s Guide White Paper to learn more about cloud computing, choosing the right model, and overcoming challenges.

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