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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wozniak's surprise 62nd birthday bash includes Fusion-io product launch - MarketWatch

On Wednesday night, Fusion-io Inc. hosted a surprise birthday bash for its chief scientist, Steve Wozniak, in San Francisco.

Wozniak, of course, is better known as the co-founder of Apple Inc. and as one of Silicon Valley’s most loved geeks. The party was attended by Woz’s friends, media and at least one celebrity was spotted, Drew Carey, who is friends with the Woz.  (Alas, no Kathy Griffin but Woz did say she had been in town just last weekend).

For more photos of the event, please visit our friends over at All Things D.

So who can blame Fusion-io for sneaking in a product launch with hundreds in attendance, including all those reporters and bloggers? Normally, the company, which makes the rather esoteric sounding application acceleration software and hardware for data centers, doesn’t get a huge amount of attention. Its CEO, David Flynn, who joined Wozniak on stage to wish him a happy 62nd birthday, said he would show attendees a brief PowerPoint of the company’s new product. Fortunately, he was joking and the launch of its  ION Data Accelerator software was in the form of a cool light show.

Was Wozniak surprised when he entered the room at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where he thought he was going to just a product launch? Hard to say for sure, but he positively glowed, joining many in the crowd bearing a silly birthday hat and feather boa, standing with slews of friends and fans for photos. He received a drawing of a map of his DNA as a present, and a cake had the same image. He patiently endured a bizarre strip tease dance and magic act by a portly actor named Big Al.

For the record, Woz has a few more days before he turns 62. His actual birthday is August 11.

– Therese Poletti

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