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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

General, The Secrets Of Selling Your Farm <b>Products Revealed</b>

Learn The Tricks, Tips, And Techniques I Use To Sell All Of My Market Pigs, Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Poultry, And Eggs Before They Are Born! If You Have A Csa Or Sell Produce, Sell Live Animals, Or Any Other Type Of Product You Produce On You Need This.

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Alexis Christoforous reports General Electric is selling preferred stock to Warren Buffet; Ford had its worst sales numbers ever last month; and many fast food restaurants will post calories on menus.
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Casablanca (1942): Urgate's Letters of Transit

The clip Urgate's letters of transit from Casablanca (1942) with Peter Lorre Well, after tonight I will be through with the whole business. And I'm leaving, finally, this Casablanca. Who did you bribe for your visa? Renault or yourself? Myself. I found myself much more reasonable. Look, Rick. Know what this is? Something that even you have never seen. Letters of transit signed by General de Gaulle. Cannot be rescinded. Not even questioned. One moment. Tonight I'll be selling those for more money than I ever dreamed of. And then, addio, Casablanca. I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me... are the only one I trust. Will you keep these for me, please? For how long? Perhaps an hour. Perhaps a little longer. I don't want them here overnight. Don't be afraid of that. Please keep them for me. Thank you. I knew I could trust you. Waiter. I'll be expecting some people. If anybody asks for me, I'll be right here. Rick... ...I hope you're more impressed with me now. If you'll forgive me, I'll share my good luck with your roulette wheel. Just a moment. I heard a rumor those two German couriers were carrying letters of transit. I've heard that rumor too. Poor devils. You're right, Ugarte. I am a little more impressed with you.
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