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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New <b>Product Launch</b>? Free Training Videos…

Product Launch FormulaEvery now and then, Jeff Walker releases a series of free training videos... and it's always a complete internet marketing education in itself.

Jeff does this as part of the warm-up for his next Product Launch Formula class. If you're working on a new product launch, or your first major launch ever, you'll definitely want to tune in & take notes.

Whether or not you're interested in PLF or in product launches, there's still A LOT to learn from Jeff's free training series. Even if you're just studying his content delivery and follow-up methods. And the price is right (free)... it won't cost you anything (other than your email address) to access the videos & downloads.

There's a lot of controversy (and negative talk) about product launches in the Internet Marketing space. I wrote a blog post about that a couple of years ago, here: Open Discussion on Jeff Walker, Product Launches & the State of Internet Marketing

Great discussion in the 80+ comments. There is a very clear divide on this topic: those who loathe new product launches, and those who profit from them.

Product Launch Formula 2012

The free training is different every time Jeff releases Product Launch Formula. The series offers brand new video content and fresh case studies. Here is a quick list of the the four free videos in the 2012 series:

Sideways Sales LetterSix Figures Case StudyThe Seed Launch (No Product, No List...)Product Launch Blueprint (PDF) + Training Video

All you have to do is register here and you'll be able to access ALL of the new product launch content immediately, and study it at your leisure. But the content does go away once Jeff releases his newest version of Product Launch Formula, so you'll want to view the free content now while it's still available.

The latest release is the new Product Launch Blueprint. It's a free 13-page downloadable PDF, and a full-length training video that goes through the PDF step-by-step. It basically lays out the entire launch strategy and gives you a "behind the scenes" look at Jeff's multi-million-dollar product launch strategies.

Jeff Walker Featured on

Last week published a profile on Jeff, and it was the #4 trending article on the site. You can see it here: Why Jeff Walker is the 400 Million Dollar Man -- And 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Him.

Pretty cool. :) I was really impressed with Jeff Walker when I met him in person a few years ago. Unlike many of the "gurus" in our industry, he is not at all ego-driven. He is very down to earth and grounded in solid life principles. And he puts out top-notch training on his one topic that all of the other 'experts' use as their blueprint...

On a final note, product launches are NOT just for the Internet Marketing space. Some of the super successful case studies of new product launches that Jeff shares are in completely different industries - which I love...


p.s. These training videos won't stay online for long...

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