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Saturday, September 29, 2012

O2 Launch New iPhone From The Top Of The Dome - World Internet TV on PC (blog)

With Friday seeing the launch of the iPhone 5 in Apple’s most notable markets, the city of London (England) was no different in the levels of obsessed fans looking to get their hands on the product, but telecommunications company O2 found a unique way to make pre-order customers feel ‘on top of the world’ when they finally did.

As some Apple fans queued for up to a week by camping outside participating retailers, the product launch did bring some of the most notable media attention in and around the city, with shops in areas such as the Canary Wharf and Bluewater Shopping Centre offering some of the biggest early-morning releases, with one opening by the Carphone Warehouse attended by boyband JLS, who joined the queues to pick up their copies.

However, the title of most notable iPhone 5 launch in London will surely go to the O2 Arena, which saw venue sponsors O2 combine their status of selling the product on launch-day with an experience exclusive to the iconic arena, formerly known as the Millennium Dome.

While many customers will have to make do with a ‘regular’ product launch experience, a select few got the chance to claim their iPhone 5 at a height of 52m, with the arena’s ‘Up at The O2' experience (which allows customers to walk to the top of the venue). Wearing safety harnesses on a 380m fabric walkway as the users of the more ‘regular’ version of the experience will go through, customers for the phone made their way to the central 360-degree viewing platform, where O2 employees were waiting with a ‘pop-up shop’ to hand out the devices.

Part of the O2 Arena’s queue was Helen Squires, who travelled from Liverpool to complete her unique purchase, as she happily stated: “Being one of the first to get my hands on the new iPhone is one thing, being able to get it from the top of The O2 has been mind-blowing. I’m no stranger to queuing but I’ve never waited before in a line so high or with such a view. It’s made the experience even more of an adventure.”

O2 spokesman Nick Thomas noted of the promotion: “There are millions of O2 customers wanting to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. We wanted to make the experience an even more memorable one by selling it at one of London’s most famous landmarks. While we can’t offer such a scenic view at all our stores, we’re hopeful that our customers will find it a phone that’s most certainly worth the wait.”

While the O2 Arena gets back to regular business after being rebranded as the ‘North Greenwich Arena’ for the Olympic Games this summer, will their work on the iPhone 5 launch set a precedent for future new products?

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