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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q&A on List Building | Internet Marketing Mastermind - SIMM

Dexter Damien Chan asked: “…I have a blog that does IM Product Reviews (where the money is made) and I am building a List by giving a Report that shares the Internet Marketers that Affiliate Marketers can promote and make money from… so how do I “bring value” to this list and make money out from them?”

The answers from SIMM members:

“I don’t have a direct answer but you could sign up to and see what they do… or you can segment your list to niche type and send them relevant I’m products you recommend Ala warriorplus list” (David Lee Tong)

“my suggestion for you is to build a squeeze page and get those subscribers on your newsletter…Fill your newsletter with followups of both free stuff(quality) and affiliate products(which you’ve used yourself) i suggest, you do video reviews showing you yourself using the product, converts well.” (Abel Chua)

“Put the headline and teaser in the newsletter to entice them to click in order to read the full review in your blog. Most people dont remember to visit your blog, so u meed to email them to remind them everytime u have a new review.” (Sam Choo)
“If you really need idea of what to write, find other review blog sites and opt into their list to know what they do ;) …to find those other review blog sites, just search for a famous product name, followed by “review” or “scam”.

Chris Farrell membership review
Chris Farrell membership scam

To know what’s hot, clickbank high gravity product.” (Luke Lim)

“Toughie..but here’s a suggestion.

Use a html newsletter type of style (Keep it simple and not too fancy). Subdivide the areas into latest reviews with short teasers and link backs to your blog. (Using what sam recommended). At the same time have other sections of the newsletter with teaser copy pushing straight to affiliate offers. Prob 2-3 reviews a newsletter with 2 affiliate offers. Track and see which affiliate offers convert.Can always start off the newsletter with some personal stuff to build rapport I guess. And frequency of the newsletter also depends on how many reviews you put up a week on your blog.” (Alvin Huang)

“check out 10 similar blogs by joining their lists…see what works for them.” (Gautam)

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