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Friday, November 9, 2012

The <b>Product Launch</b> Golden Rule

golden rule to product launchesThe absolute golden rule when it comes to creating and launching new products is this:

Only create products that your customers want.

So now take a look at your new idea, the product that you have started to create, or perhaps have even finished, and ask the game changing question:

We all want to write, talk about and create things that interest US, but if you are a serious entrepreneur and a provider of top quality information, service and expertise, you have to take yourself out of the equation, emotionally detach from the product and ask the all important question:  does your customer want this information?


Sure its your program and you can do whatever you want with it and write things that you are wildly passionate about -  but  that’s called a hobby.

So is this a hobby or a business?

If you can say with 100% confidence that you are running a business, then read on…

In order to create exceptional products that your target audience will be lining up to your virtual store to buy – you have to make sure that they are leading the way and that you are creating products that they have specifically and categorically said that they want.

So now put your serious business owner and entrepreneur hat on and ask yourself the question:

Have I performed the necessary research to determine that my target audience actually wants?

Am I creating products and content that my customers have specifically said that they want?

This is the absolute golden rule to paste on your pin board, tattoo on your hand, make a t-shirt with the slogan, or do whatever you want with it so you remember it.

If your customer does not want it, do not create it. This is the most important rule of product creation, period.

Do not make products that you think will sell.

Make products that the audience you have access to has specifically said that they will buy.

The difference here is: The latter means you are running a business, the former is a hobby. Both are great, but make sure you get the distinction.

So, do you want to hustle or lay back? Creating products that your customers want is a major point because it makes the difference between hustling to make even the smallest level of sales and pretty much having customers crashing your servers from all the interest, demand and willingness to get their hands on your product.

You need a hungry market.

Of course, it’s really tempting to make a product that you’re really good at and know a lot about, and there’s no real harm in that. But, when the rubber meets the road in the sales game, your best intentions will translate to zero dollars if you don’t have an audience that’s hungry to buy that particular product.

Making the Job Easy on Yourself.

If you do have that hungry audience, then by all means go for it. But if you don’t, that means that after you’ve done all the work of creating that product, you’ve now got to do all the work of hunting down an audience and getting them hot and interested in buying.

So, let your customers lead the way.

Instead of pushing your information onto the market, consider your audience’s immediate needs first, and let them drive your product road map. In fact, you know what, don’t even think of it as your road map.

Think of it as theirs because that’s when the Benjamins are going to come rolling in.

Matching the Problem to the Solution. Think about it, if you ask your audience, “what problem do you want solved right now?” and you immediately make a product to solve that problem, how easy do you think it’s going to be to get them to buy it? The answer is “pretty damn easy.”

Getting Paid 101.

So, here’s the no B.S. low down – you’re in a position to make a lot more money if you’re responsive to your target customers’ desires than if you’re trying to get them to be responsive to yours.

Got it? Good.

Tattoo that one on your other hand.

Or maybe just tweet it =>> Tweet first, tattoo later ;) <==

So, you may be in the driver’s seat but always remember that you’re only going to get paid if you’re taking them where they want to go.

Start to think like your customer.

So, the major takeaway here is that you have to stop thinking like yourself and start thinking like your ideal customer. Get out that ideal customer avatar and keep it somewhere where you can see it and constantly refer to it, because that is your key to successful product launch and cash.

Finding Out What They Really Want.

You’ve got to remember that the fears are often irrational, so you may still have a product. You may just have to tweak it to what they actually want. So, for example, you may want to create a short video series about the hottest fashion around the world. But, you find out that there’s no demand for it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you just kill the product, you just need to tweak it and find out what they actually want (and for the love of all that’s holy, try to do it as quickly as possible and stop wasting your time.)

This means you dig a little deeper and you may that what they really want are some ideas for clothes to make them look slimmer, or some sample outfits to wear to work. The bottom line is that the customer is always right, period.

To find out what they really want – here are 3 top tips that you can implement and take action on immediately:

1. ASK THEM. If you have a list, simply send them a quick email and just ask them one simple question – what can I help you with RIGHT NOW.

2. Send out an anonymous survey using Survey Monkey

3. Listen for clues in the comments section of both your website and related websites. This is where the gold is. Learn to really listen to what their biggest fears, challenges and goals are. Find that gap of information and fill it!

Now, take action on these 3 simple things and leave me a comment about what you have found out about your target customer that you did not know before.

To Your Product Creation Success!

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