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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Windows Phone 8 – <b>Product Launch</b> | Tweet Category

Windows Phone 8 is here, yesterday there was a big (huge) presentation of the product that was broadcasted online which, from our point of view, was great because people around the Globe could follow the event and tweet about it. Of course in Tweet Category we were watching online the presentation and analyzing with Tweet Category for iPad what people were saying on Twitter with the hashtag #WindowsPhone8.

Steve Ballmer by @NokiaMovilBlog

Steve Ballmer by @NokiaMovilBlog

We analyzed 2484 tweets sent by 1115 users in 120 minutes. Here are some data:

Tweets: 2484.Users: 1115.RT: 487Links: 304 (mostly links to the online broadcasting)Tweets per minute: 21.Tweets per user: 2,22.

But then we created several automatic filters to feel the “sentiment” of the event. Did people like the new Windows Phone 8? Then we created a filter to detect those “positive tweets” about Windows Phone 8 and we counted 651 during the event. After reading the positive tweets we realize that people loved three particular features:

Kid’s Corner.Data Sense.Pandora in your phone with no ads.

The negative tweets were 141. Mostly people were not really beliving that Windows Phone 8 was going to work ok.

From our point of wiev and after reafing the PDF report made with Tweet Category, we think that the new Windows Phone 8 is going to be ok, people like it. The new features really got to the public, the competition is huge.

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