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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


DON'T BUY Anxiety Management by Alex Yew - Anxiety Management VIDEO REVIEW

This is Chuck Boulais, and this is a video review of Anxiety Management by Alex Yew. I was in the brick and mortar world of Marketing for over 20 years and got tired of working 60 and 70 hour weeks just to make my boss disgustingly rich. So I retired and have been spending tons of money on product launches and coaching just to try and figure out how to make money on line.

What I've found is that over 90% of program launches on-line are either bad fits for people's skill sets, they under-deliver on their promises or are just out and out scams. I'm not saying that Anxiety Management by Alex Yew is a scam or a bad fit for most people, far from it, but I just want to show you the pros and cons and maybe save you from going down a blind alley that may not be right for you.

Anxiety Management is a new product created by Alex Yew that claims to be a guide on how to reduce and control your anxiety levels by changing your way of thinking and better controlling of your emotions.

My main objection to Alex Yew's Anxiety Management prodcut is that Alex Yew is an internet marketer, and not any kind of a mental health or emotional counselor. Many of the programs Mr. Yew has previously released have focused on making money on line, so my big question is why is he charging the general public money for a program called "Anxiety Management"?

I have had bouts of anxiety myself at different points in my life, and have even purchased products off the internet similar to Anxiety Management and they have helped me somewhat, but only minimally. If you suffer from anxiety, I urge you to seek help from a professional before spending any more of your money on a program like Alex Yew's "Anxiety Management", thinking it will be a cure all for your troubles.

I did some preliminary research a few weeks ago on "Anxiety Management" and I was not going to do a review on "Anxiety Management" until I actually received a couple of marketing emails this weekend from Alex Yew, selling one of his other products (SPAM). After that, I felt I should at least try to tell a few people who Alex Yew was and what he really did for a living so that people would at least know up front what they might be buying, before they spent anything on Yew's "Anxiety Management" program.

I assume Mr. Yew's emails to me came as a result of my research, when I signed up on one his websites in order to garner any additional information I could about the product. When I receved his marketing emails later, I could only deduce that, even if he were concerned deeply about "Anxiety Management", Alex Yew was mainly interested in making money off of this terrible ailment. Anxiety Management is a VERY lucrative niche in the affiliate marketing realm, for obvious reasons.

Alex Yew is a great marketer and has put together a really nice looking product launch for "Anxiety Management," with some nice, shiny sales material, and a good looking program, so should you decide to promote "Anxiety Management" as a JV Affiliate instead of purchasing it as an end user and try to earn commissions by recruiting people to buy "Anxiety Management", you can certainly do so, but this will most likely be a big selling product and heavily marketed by others so, unless you are already established and have a big list it will be difficult to get started in the affiliate biz with this product.

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